30 May 2018

Best Red Wine Glasses (2018 Reviews & Buyers Guide)


Best Red Wine Glasses

I’m obsessed with red wine glasses. Ever since I first drank wine from a Riedel glass, my world changed forever. This led me to try more and more brands and to this day, I constantly fall in and out of love with my Riedel in favor of Zalto. And vice versa. But I love my glasses. Mrs 12 goes crazy that my 2 favorite wine decanters, my wine glasses, my champagne flutes take up so much space in her kitchen. And don’t even get me started about my favourite whiskey glasses; Mrs 12 hates those and purposely uses them for water.

When we fight she threatens to throw out my best red wine glasses. She knows exactly what to say and I love her for it.

But red wine glasses have become an obsession of mine. And you know why? It’s because it actually makes the wine taste better. It can take great wine and make it taste epic and it can take average wine and make it the best version of itself. And before you ask, yes, I did the Pepsi challenge with wine glasses.

I was blindfolded and told to try and taste the same wine from different glasses. That was the day that I discovered Riedel. Which not only led me to buy thousands of bucks worth of Riedel glassware but also drove me to seek an interview with Maximilian Riedel himself.

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28 May 2018

Best Wine Opener – Honest Reviews & Buyers Guide of 2018

What is it about opening wine that can sometimes be so annoying? It doesn’t matter how many bottles you’ve opened in your life, each bottle is slightly different, each corkscrew is slightly different. And now with rubber and synthetic corks in play (like in so many alcohol free wines), it’s a whole new ball game. Picking a great wine opener from any best wine opener guide is an essential part of the tool kit for all wine lovers.

I’m a little old fashioned and tend to use the same waiter’s¬†corkscrew that I was given at a 7 word wine review dinner. However, I had been wanting to test the array of wine openers available in the market. And given that Mrs 12 was going to go away for the weekend, the opportunity had presented itself for me to test all the corkscrews that really took my fancy. As well as of course sample a few bottles of some good old wine.

And I didn’t want to ever be in a position again where I had to open a wine bottle with a bottle opener. But that’s for another day.

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22 May 2018

Best Whiskey Stones – (2018 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews)

Whiskey Stones

Being a native Californian but living in NYC, I think I’ve always been more open minded to not conforming to certain norms. Now, what I mean by this, is that if I were to head down to Brooklyn to buy a pizza pie( Julian’s Pizza) and asked for Pineapples on top, I would be chased out of the borough within 10 seconds. And no joke. NYC, like many cities has certain norms that they abide by. So when it comes to talking about whiskey stones, I did worry about how pure whiskey lovers may react.

So when I posted a picture on my Instagram using Whiskey Stones in a glass of expensive whiskey (check out our guide on the best whiskey glasses here)- you can only imagine, I raised a few eyebrows. The purists turned their backs on me, the adventurers embraced the idea and at least tried them, and Vim of course asked me to write for 12×75. All in all, a very unsurprising reaction. Much like I’m sure pure wine lovers frown on those that add ice or cola to their high end Clarets.

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