24 April 2018

Best Champagne For The Money – Anything But Moet!

Best Champagne For The Money

Recently I was wandering around a duty free looking at the array of champagnes they had. Starting from the not so expensive to the super duper pricey stuff. And as I looked at all the prices and after I had finished counting  which ones I’d tried, I couldn’t help but ask myself which were the best champagnes for the money.

Which champagnes were so undervalued, tasted amazing and were priced either just right or too little? 

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23 April 2018

How To Decant Wine Without A Decanter – 5 Different Ways

how to decant wine without a decanter

I was recently invited to a friend’s 45th birthday party. And amongst all the incredibly cool gifts that he got given (a solid gold coin which said Sell on one side and Buy on the other) – someone had given him a bottle of Palmer 2000. 

Now this particular friend of mine has no interest in wine. When I say that, I mean he likes wine. Perhaps maybe by Country but not brands AND he’s definitely not the sort of person that would know the difference between a Palmer and a Yellow Tail. 

Like me in the vodka world. What’s wrong with Smirnoff…

As the night turned into the early hours of the morning,  few of us remained. So much alcohol had been drank for his birthday that he was completely out of wine. And all that remained was this bottle of Palmer. He innocently went to grab the corkscrew and was about to open the bottle and casually serve it. That god, he even had a corkscrew because otherwise we’d be having to follow these tips on how to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew.

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10 April 2018

How To Cure A Hangover At Work Fast – Without Anyone Noticing


how to cure a hangover at work
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Going To Work Hungover

If you’re reading an article called How To Cure A Hangover At Work, it probably means that you had a crazy night out, hopefully an epic one – BUT – it was on a school night. And that somehow, by some unknown miracle, you managed to drag your sorry ass out of bed and crawled into work. First off let me simply applaud you. The fact that you managed to haul ass and get into work is admirable.

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